How to play Vibraband like Stan Wood…

David Stützel playing Vibraband...

playing Vibraband…

The Vibraband is a wonderful musical instrument invented by Stan Wood.
Everyone who has tried to find out how to play one, or even what it is made of, has at least found out that it seams to be very difficult, or perhaps some secret(s) involved?
Unfortunately Stan Wood died before I managed to get to know him in person. Now I at least know a few friends of his, who tell me that he was exactly the wonderful person I had believed…

For everyone who wants to learn, seeks information on this instrument, and for Stan and his invention: I have made a few videos about the Vibraband. How to make, and how to play it. and why and how it actually plays…
To play like Stan Wood may remain a bold Title for some time though..

All the concepts of the three playing videos together with a vibraband  „create“ the instrument, so it may not help to watch just one video. If it still does not play: have some patience. Stan Wood states in one Video to have practiced 35 years.. it is not a simple instrument to learn, actually the simplest looking instruments are sometimes the most complex in the end.. but utterly wonderful and worth while!

As this is a first try to put these things in to words, I am eager to hear your feedback!
(and I am sorry for my untrained English, and that I do sometimes sound arrogant in those videos… I didn’t have more time to make them, and am not a friend of cutting).

Stan Wood himself:

How to play: „invisible instruments“..

How to hold and blow: Embochure

Resonance and Pitch (Embouchure 2):

Vibraband 1- how to make one:


Watch all four Videos on Youtube as playlist:

David Stützel

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